May Day Play Day

As a kid, one of my favorite days of the school year was “May Day Play Day”. Always held at the beginning of May, it was a field day that would begin with the teachers performing a maypole dance. Now as a teacher, I know how much my students looked forward to all of our fun events in May including our big celebration of “Water Day”. It’s hard knowing that we won’t get to have those memory making events this May. However, I am thankful that we have been lucky to have such beautiful weather this spring. I hope that all of my students have been able to get outside as much as possible and make some special memories. These are the days we will tell stories about in the future.

I am happy to share with everyone my “Musical Conversation Calendar” for May. Again, the purpose of the calendar is to facilitate conversations about music. You can easily Google anything that is unknown. I hope you enjoy using the calendar this May and make some special memories having conversations about music with your family.May Music Calendar

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