CEL_9869St. Tammany Parish educator Kelly Stomps was named the overall 2016 Louisiana Teacher of the Year by the Louisiana Department of Education. She  teaches music to kindergarten through third grade students at Woodlake Elementary, helping to build a foundation for their future musical and academic success. She has helped teachers throughout the state learn to engage students and enhance learning experiences with music as a presenter at district and state.

As state teacher of the year, she will be using social media and the internet as a means for sharing “Kelly’s Keys”. Through speaking engagements, serving on various advisory boards and presenting to educators, she will advocate for education and the arts and help spread her message:

“Every child has a song to be sung, and I am the one that reveals each unique voice. As a teacher, advocate, and speaker, I will be sharing my keys for blending music education with the other core subjects. When the subjects are taught together in harmony, we will create masterpieces that will influence the world.”

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