I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Family Pic
Picture by Christy Kotter: The Stomps Family


As our winter break commenced, I headed to Alabama to spend the Christmas holiday with my family.  So far this week has been jam packed with activities ranging from shopping with my parents to seeing my sister, Beth, perform in a musical. I’ve also enjoyed simple moments like making cookies and dancing with my nieces. On Christmas Eve, I am looking forward to hearing my niece, Kate, sing with her church choir.

In all of our activities this week, my family has been surrounded by music. We’ve sung carols in the car and danced to performances of The Nutcracker. While watching the boat parade in Tuscaloosa, we sang our favorite holiday tunes. My family has even continued their tradition of texting or calling me every time they hear a recording of Leroy Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride”. Since middle school, I had played that song every year in band. My nieces laugh when I perform the various percussion parts for them.

I love that my time with my family is filled with music and laughter. However, hearing Bing Crosby sing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” always brings a tear to my eye. Over the years, I’ve learned that home is not a place. Instead, it’s wherever my family is located.


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