Dream Teachers

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Pictured Ben Heroman (left) and Denny Bond (right) from the Board of Directors for Dream Teachers


“A dream is a wish you heart makes.”- Cinderella

Each day, I am inspired by the dedication and passion of my fellow teachers. Not only are they extremely talented, each teacher has a special expertise that I can utilize to help meet the needs of my students. Together, we form a team where our goal is to help “every child, every day” succeed in school and in life.

As the State Teacher of the Year, I have received much recognition this year. However, I would love to see my fellow faculty members and the countless other talented teachers that have inspired me to also receive great accolades.

Fortunately, the Dream Teachers organization shares my dream of honoring these dedicated teachers. While Dream Teachers works in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Education to honor the State Teacher of the Year, they have also started a program where they are recognizing a “Teacher of the Month” with WAFB news.

I would like to encourage all parents and students to nominate your “Dream Teacher” at the following site: http://www.dreamteachers.org/teacherofthemonth.html

Thank you to Dream Teachers for making dreams come true!

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