Ascot Gavotte

KDP Race Pic
Waiting for the race to begin with several members of Kappa Delta Pi.


“Every duke and earl and peer is here. Everyone who should be here is here.

What a smashing, positively dashing spectacle-the Ascot opening day!”

My Fair Lady

 During my drive on February 20, 2016, I thought of the Ascot races scene from the musical, My Fair Lady. I had been asked to attend a fundraiser for the Tulane University Alumni Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi at the New Orleans Fair Grounds. The purpose of the fundraiser was to raise money for scholarships for educators to continue with their educational degrees and growth.

While dining on a delicious lunch at the Clubhouse, I visited with my fellow Kadelpians. As the members have a wide range of experiences in education, I enjoyed hearing about the various backgrounds and educational interests of each of the attendees.

As the chapter had sponsored the fourth race, a representative from the Fair Grounds escorted us down to the race course before the start of this race. Although we had a great view of the entire course from the Club House, I loved standing on the side of the race course as the horses came thundering by us. Following the race, we got a quick peek at the winner of the race, Lough Ness. Then, we were able to take a picture with its owner while presenting the trophy to the jockey.

My year as the Louisiana State Teacher of the Year has certainly been filled with a lot of new experiences. Although I enjoyed my first visit to the Fair Grounds Race Course, the best part was that I got to meet more educators while helping to provide money for scholarships to my fellow educators.

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