We Are the Champions

The winners of the Newcomb Tournament!



It was an exciting day for the third grade students at Woodlake Elementary School. Today, they competed in the Woodlake Newcomb Tournament.

For the past few weeks, our PE teachers, Ms. Shostak and Ms. Gaines, have been teaching the students how to play Newcomb. This is a ball game that is similar to volleyball. After competing during their PE lessons, four classes advanced to the semi-finals.

The Tournament today began with the students in Ms. Galloway’s class competing against Mrs. Pool’s students. The next battle was between Mrs. Kennedy’s and Mrs. Hall’s classes. In the end, Mrs. Hall’s and Ms. Galloway’s students came out on top. With the rest of the third grade cheering them on, these two classes competed in the final round.

It was fun to observe the students during this final round. The athletes were so serious and focused. It was also impressive to see the students coaching each other throughout the competition. At the same time, the rest of the third grade was entertaining as they cheered their favorite team. In the end, Ms. Galloway’s team was unstoppable.

Following the tournament, medal and ribbons were presented to the first, second, and third place teams. Each child was so proud that I was reminded of athletes during the medal ceremonies in the Olympics. Ms. Galloway also received a giant trophy to display in her classroom until next year’s tournament.

Even though Ms. Galloway’s class was declared the winner of the Newcomb Tournament, I believe that all of the third grade students were the champions today. The displays of good sportsmanship and teamwork made each and every person at Woodlake proud. Thank you to Ms. Shostak, Ms. Gaines, the third grade teachers, and the third grade students for this inspiring day!

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