One Team, One Dream

Bulletin Board for a Third Grade Class

After the faculty decided that Woodlake Elementary School’s theme would be “One Team, One Dream,” the teachers began to enthusiastically search for ways to incorporate the theme in their classrooms. As you walk down the halls, you will now find bulletin boards varying from Olympic rings to even a football goal post made out of pool noodles. For my classroom, I found music rules that spell out the word, “TEAM,” on Teachers Pay Teachers. In their first music lesson, the kids loved it when I incorporated the song, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, to help teach the rules. I also discovered the funky song, “Teamwork”, from Music K-8 to use for our entire school to sing before we start our daily morning meetings.

As the devastation from the flooding in Louisiana became clear, we realized that our lessons on “team” would take on a greater meaning than expected in just the first two weeks of school. Throughout the week, our Principal and faculty members shared stories about how others had helped us following Hurricane Katrina. We also acknowledged the faculty members that had experienced flooding last week along with discussing those with family members that had homes flooded. On Friday, August 19th, the St. Tammany Parish School System held a drive to collect donations and school supplies for students impacted by the flooding. It was clear as the students arrived with bags overflowing and envelopes filled with donations that our students had taken the lesson on “team” to heart. They were proud and eager to be there for our “teammates” throughout the great state of Louisiana. Although it has been heartbreaking to see the devastation wrought by the floodwaters, I know that Louisiana can overcome this, because we truly are “One Team” sharing “One Dream”!

Bulletin Board for a Third Grade Class
Football Goal Posts for 1st Grade Class

For more information about the St. Tammany Parish School’s supporting flood victims, you may visit or check out the following video:


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