Being True


In June, I had the honor of being on the interview panel for the 2018 Louisiana Teacher of the Year (LASTOY). Following the interviews with the nine finalists, the panel voted on the elementary, middle, high school, and overall Teacher of the Year. While driving home, all I could think was, “We just changed someone’s life today.” While my life was certainly changed after being named the 2016 Louisiana Teacher of the Year, I am still in the “process” of change. New opportunities and possibilities keep arising. I am consistently being asked to step outside of my comfort zone, and I am loving the challenge. Truthfully, how far the life of the 2018 Louisiana Teacher of the Year will change will only be limited by the person’s courage and imagination.
While I am excited to watch the next LASTOY’s journey, I would like to share the best advice I received after being named the 2016 LASTOY. The advice came from my Fine Arts Supervisor, Margaret Sharpe. I had the opportunity to speak a few minutes with an important policy maker. Many people had suggestions for what issues I should address during that time. However, Ms. Sharpe advised me “to be true to you.” She said that if I wasn’t fully passionate about the issue and how it impacted my students then my effort would be wasted. As I navigated my year as the LASTOY and this past year of opportunities, I’ve held that advice to heart.
Now as the torch will soon be passed the 2018 LASTOY, I share that same advice. “BE TRUE TO YOU”. You were chosen for a reason. Please let that reason shine so that you can positively impact education in Louisiana.

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