“A New Dawn, A New Day”

As I drove to school today, the lyrics of “Feelin’ Good” were dancing through my mind. The first day of school is “a new dawn, a new day”. It’s a new opportunity to change a child’s life, and I was “feelin’ good”. I couldn’t wait to see returning students and meet the new ones. I was anticipating the excitement when the students discovered our theme is Super Heroes-“Where Everybody Soars”. However, I was also entering into “a new life”. I knew this first day of school would not be like any other I had ever experienced.

My day began with the superintendent of my school system, Mr. Trey Folse, visiting my school. Along with Mr. Folse, there were other school board representatives and members of the press. They took pictures and filmed as I taught my first class. Mr. Folse made a lovely speech and presented me with a plaque. Following the lesson, I answered interview questions for Channel 13. During all of this, I was beaming with pride. My students had eagerly embraced this new experience, and it was a day that they will never forget.

The rest of the day was just as exciting. Upon entering the music room, each class would immediately remark on all of the changes. The biggest change they noticed was the new ActivPanel that I had won for being named the State Teacher of the Year. I heard it described as “a giant iPad” and “a movie screen”. Either way, the students thought it was really “COOL!”

As I watched the children board the busses this afternoon, I knew without a doubt that they were all “feelin’ good” about school.

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