Pure Imagination

BESE pic

“Anything you want to- do it. Wanna change the world? There’s nothing to it.”

As I arrived at the Louisiana Department of Education yesterday, it was if someone was serenading me with the song “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Instead of finding a room filled with sweet treats, I discovered a room brimming with possibilities. It was my first day to serve on the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) committee for Educator Effectiveness. As the meeting commenced, I was excited about the chance to gain insights into the Louisiana Department of Education. I was also thrilled to be serving as a voice for my students and fellow educators.

The topic of the meeting was the consideration of a program where regular education teachers can add a certification in mild/moderate special education. In order to receive this additional certificate, the teachers would need to complete 280 contact hours of training. After several representatives from the Louisiana Resource Center for Educators (LRCE) Certification Solutions spoke, the program was approved.

Also at the meeting, the board members honored Carla Jackson, the 2015 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year for her participation on the committee. Both Carla and I were then asked to address the board. Carla spoke of the things she learned from attending the committee meetings. I expressed my gratitude for being able to serve my students in a greater capacity.

I now have the opportunity to make a great impact on education in Louisiana. Yes, all I have to do is “simply look around and view it”.

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