A New Sun in the Sky

“With a new point of view, here’s what greets my eye… (A) new sun in the sky”.

A New Sun in the Sky – Bing Crosby

While attending my second Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) meeting on October 13, 2015, I thought of these lyrics from “A New Sun in the Sky”. As the Louisiana State Teacher of the Year, I am proud to serve on the Educator Effectiveness Committee.  The main objective for this meeting was the revision of the exam requirements for a teaching license in Early Childhood. In order to receive a certificate in Early Childhood, teachers must take the Praxis Early Childhood exam. This is replacing the previous Early Childhood: Content Knowledge exam. The committee had to vote on the minimum score for passing this exam.  Superintendent John White stated that the recommended score was the result of a study that included participants from many different states. This score was passed unanimously. The rest of the meeting involved considerations of appeals regarding teaching certificates.

With each BESE meeting, I am gaining “a new point of view” in regards to education policies in Louisiana, and this will help me create “a new sun in the sky” for my students.

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